This is the last email of the year so we thought we’d make it an important one. With 2018 at an end and we enter into 2019 we started to reflect on what Gandys has achieved this year. With 2 of our children’s homes doing extremely well and another two on the way we wanted to say a massive thank you to our friends of Gandys, you have been the driving force behind all our achievements this year. We have cemented ourselves as the leading online fashion destination for travellers across the world and created a strong community with our Don’t Just Exist movement. Now here are our highlights of 2018:

Mclaren the most iconic British supercar and F1 team said their new HALO safety feature resembles a flip flop & thought who better to take up the space at the front of the car than Gandys. As they loved what we are building as brand, they thought that our work in terms of building homes deserved to be shown to the world. They decided to give us this support and so 100% of the proceeds from the Limited Edition flip flop for the opening race back in Melbourne went towards helping build more children’s homes.

In April we opened the doors to our brand new office located in South West London. This new move marked the realisation of how much Gandys has grown over the years. With a bigger workspace, a few new members to the Gandys team and the warehouse right next door, there’s nothing that wouldn’t stop us from moving forward in our journey. Decorated with bohemian house plants and travel inspired decor, we moved from a smaller space to a more functional one. We decided to dedicate a wall in the office to you guys and your amazing Gandys pictures you have taken over the years just to remind ourselves what we are working for!

In June Gandys decided to collaborate with Kuoni and take them on an exclusive trip to Sri Lanka. We took them on an adventure of a lifetime, and showed them places within Sri Lanka that the brothers love to visit and that have a place in their hearts. We also showed them around our children’s campus, where they met the children and our child career Mamma Tina who educates children aged from 4 to 18. Kuoni designed an itinerary that would take people on a journey through a Gandys perspective. It took clients from the country’s cultural triangle to the coastal city of Galle via the Hill Country and Yala National Park.

We were honoured with a fantastic evening at our Covent Garden Store with the great story-teller Ben Fogle in late October. He mesmerised the intimate audience with his fascinating tales of his recent climb up Mount Everest and his world travels. For us Ben Fogle encompasses everything Gandys stands for and the night really was a meeting of minds. We shared our tales and Ben shared his. There were clear parallels across the board. The evening was not only a brilliant celebration of stories and tales, but it gave everyone there a new desire to look up next time they are on the way back from work and explore the world around them.

In November we were so excited to announce the opening of our 4th store placed in the heart of Soho. We always look back to the beginning of our journey, from when Gandys was created in the brothers bedroom in Brixton to now having 4 stores in major tourist spots in London. We wanted to keep the store linked to its roots and we are so proud to be flying the flag of fashion in a family run business that will allow people to come give travel tips, share their stories and be inspired by likeminded people. Our stores are the front line for our #Don’t Just Exist Movement and Soho couldn’t represent this mantra more!

What a year it’s been for Orphans For Orphans! Not only have we have two successful children’s homes - one in Malawi and the other in Sri Lanka - but the plans for building two more childrens homes in both Brazil and Nepal are now underway! Our overall aim at the campus’ are to continuously support and empower children to fulfil their dreams, by receiving essential education and personal skills to achieve academic success in school, improved lifestyles and gainful employment. This expansion wouldn’t have happened without our customer support and determination to spread the word of Gandys. Due to the growth of our stores and our website becoming the fashion destination of the world this is enabling us to expand our movement of not just existing and aiding us to build more kids campus’.

This year has been the biggest season yet for Gandys. With new styles and designs ranging from big to small, we have expanded our collection into iconic travellers clothing. We have also brought back old favourites with new and improved features: the Bali Backpack with a new padded backing, the new Baby Bali and more varieties of Himalayan Jumpers. The reason we’re developing more products is because people are responding well to our Don’t Just Exist Movement, making us the online fashion destination for travellers of the world. Tourist come from across all parts of the world to visit our stores, becoming apart of a community like no other.

We’d like to thank everyone who has joined us on the Gandys journey this year and supported us throughout the years. We look forward to showing you more new and exciting things in 2019!