We were recently honoured with a fantastic evening at our Covent Garden Store with the great story-teller Ben Fogle. He mesmerised the intimate audience with his fascinating tales of his recent climb up Mount Everest and his world travels.
Travellers and adventures were brought together for a relaxed event to celebrate what Gandys really stands for, doing more than just existing or looking up as Ben would say.

For us Ben Fogle encompasses everything Gandys stands for and the night really was a meeting of minds. We shared our tales and Ben shared his. There were clear parallels across the board. The importance of giving back to the local community was highlighted, throughout his talk Ben drew on the vital importance of the Sherpas in his climb of Everest. We also have links to the community in the Himalayas, this season we have collaborated with two brothers Biju and Binod to create beautiful Handmade Jumpers and support the local community of Nepal. For us, it was important to work with this company as it was two brothers working together - similar to our own brand!

Ben spoke about the need to conquer his childhood dream. Ben described Everest - the mountain that had haunted him his whole life. it was a mountain he had seen hundreds of times in photographs and films but never in real life and he was determined to conquer it.

Throughout his talk Ben talked a lot about his determination being the driving force behind his adventures and his life, stating that he was never one to sit still. We could relate to this as Gandys was built through determination, overcoming adversity and striving to make the world a better place.

Ben also celebrated the importance of travel, after explaining that it was through his travels that he built his confidence, that moved him away from the shy boy that didn’t do very well at school. This was another connection for us as Rob and Paul only have one GCSE between them and believe in the University of life through travel is one of the best forms of education.

There was also a discussion of mantras throughout the evening, Ben brought the focus back to his own mantra of ‘Looking Up’. In a letter written to his children, Ludo and Iona which was published in his recent book, Up. He drew on the fact that we spend most of our days looking at our phones and not appreciating the world around us. “Don’t live life through a screen. Live it for bikes and hikes, not likes and swipes. Routine is far more dangerous than risk.” This matched perfectly to the drive behind Gandys #Don’tJustExist mantra, a lesson taught to the brothers by their own parents at a young age.

The evening was not only a brilliant celebration of stories and tales, but it gave everyone there anew desire to look up next time they are on the way back from work and explore the world around them.
So, why not take some inspiration for adventures like Ben Fogle and grab your Bali Backpack then explore, seize the moment and pursue your dreams!

Ben’s book UP is available in all Gandys stores, so go get yourself a copy and get inspired!