Manufactured by a family run business in the mountains of Nepal, two brothers, Biju and Binod, have joined forces with the Gandys brothers to create the new Himalayan knitwear collection. This season at Gandys we strived, not only to create exceptional product, but to also support the local community of Nepal.

We’ve added a twist on the traditional style cable knit with contrasting stitch detailing along the sides. This enviably effortless knit will be sure to keep you warm on urban adventures, or simply relaxing around the fire pit. There’s a new style in the mix this year, with our new range of moss stitch jumpers being a lighter version of the traditional cable knit.

The iconic Himalayan flags in Nepal were the source of inspiration for this range. We wanted to incorporate the multicoloured flags and make this the main focus for the colour palette of the jumpers, bringing variety and range to this collection. The intrcate designs encompass the most profound concepts of Tibeta buddhist philosophy.

These flags are simple devices that, coupled with the natural energy of the wind, quietly harmonise the environment, impartially in increasing happiness and good fortune among all living things.