Getting included in any favourite’s rundown is a great feeling, but to be included in Good On You’s June rundown of their favourite newly rated brands is really exciting. For those that don’t know, Good On You is an ethical brand rating system which aims to give consumers ‘the power to make better choices as an informed shopper.’ It uses readily available information to rate brands in 3 categories - people, plants and animals. Then, by taking the average from each of these areas, gives a brand an overall score - We Avoid, Not Good Enough, It’s A Start, Good and Great. We’re delighted to say that they’ve rated Gandys “Good”, meaning we have taken ‘several significant positive initiatives’ in terms of our ethics and sustainability. We also received a 5 out of 5 score in the people category, an area which we feel very strongly about. You can find a full breakdown of our scores and an explanation of each category on either their website or their app.

Being included in Good On You’s favourites list got us thinking about some of the broader issues which plague the fashion industry. From plastic pollution and carbon emissions, to deforestation and water waste, fashion has a lot to answer for the current climate crisis. In fact, second to oil, the clothing and textile industry is the largest polluter in the world. It’s a shocking statistic, and the picture only gets worse the closer you look at it.

One of the key issues is fabric waste. It’s estimated that around 15% of fabric intended for clothes production ends up on the cutting-room floor. And whilst there is no data available for global textile waste, as environmental NGO Redress observes, the fact Hong Kong sends 253 tons of textiles to landfill per day suggests that the figures would be truly shocking. The problem is that textile waste is something which has been generally tolerated by the industry for years, and it’s only recently that brands are waking up to its adverse environmental impact. When it’s not sent to landfill, scrap material is usually incinerated along with old stock. Yet 95% of this textile waste could be recycled instead. At Gandys we’re doing our bit to readdress this issue. Not only do we recover and repurpose all production scraps from our waxed cotton ranges into our wallets and wash bags, but we also send old and excess stock (including backpacks and flipflops) to our kids’ campuses and their local communities.

Trying to get the fashion industry to do a collective U-turn in its attitudes towards sustainability might seem like an impossible challenge, but things are gradually starting to move in the right direction. Growing awareness means that consumers are pushing back against fast fashion and are instead turning their attention to companies which advocate slow fashion. Added to this, brands are facing increasing pressure to be more transparent about all aspects of their supply chain, and organisations such as Good On You are helping to educate consumers. Here at Gandys we pride ourselves on creating long-lasting desirable travel clothes which can be worn for years. We are not just a fashion brand; we’re a travel and lifestyle brand committed to bettering the world in which we live. Head over to our sustainability and ethical sourcing page to find out more about the steps we’re taking to make Gandys even more environmentally and ethically conscious.

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