This season at Gandys we took inspiration from Canada, the travellers dream, for our Collars of Canada collection. With so many different cities to explore, we couldn’t think of a better destination to go and get lost in. Canada offers so many beautiful landscapes from the busy cities to stunning mountain ranges and we thought there was nothing better than to represent each city with our Collars of Canada shirts.
For us nothing says winter like a thick, cosy shirt and the new Collars of Canada shirts will add the perfect layer of warmth to your adventure. We have been so inspired by the spectacular Instagram posts that our amazing community has posted whilst roaming the beautiful Rockies.

We were not just inspired by our community at home checking these wonderful cities off their bucket list, we were also motivated by the many travellers from Canada we get through our doorson their trips to London. It’s great to hear from them about the captivating place they call home. We have been given so many tips on the best things to do there, like kayak in the turquoise lakes of Banff National Park, Alberta or have a Peameal bacon sandwich in Toronto or go climb the Au Sommet for the best view in Montreal!

We have heard so many stories about your families making the move and now our sister is moving to Toronto, we thought it was right to give a nod to such a beautiful place. We have no doubt that we will be using our sister’s home as a new excuse to explore more of what the great city has to offer and find our favourite places. Perhaps whilst wearing our Toronto Shirts!

The people of Canada are known worldwide for their kind nature and for wonderers of the globethere is nothing better than being greeted by a friendly face. Canadians have such approachable andoutgoing demeanours and they create a welcoming atmosphere for any traveller.

Canada is the perfect place to be outdoors, with so many different aesthetics in each city there is aplace for everyone whether you are a city explorer, a mountain climber or a lover of the lakes - Canada has it all.

And of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of snow and Canada really is the true winter wonderland. It offers a range of winter activities from skiing, ice-skating, snow shoeing and dogsledding. Also, don’t forget the spectacular light shows they put on, each city has its own festival of lights and the Vancouver Festival of Lights will have you feeling all Christmassy. With all those friendly people there couldn’t be a better place to spend some time this winter.

So, if you haven’t booked your winter travels for this year perhaps look to snowy Canada for your next getaway and if travel isn’t on the cards this year, get a taste of the great snowy outdoors with our Collars of Canada shirts and pick your favourite city. They would be ideal for snuggling down next to the fire on a cold winter’s night or adding a layer whilst on your own outdoor adventure.