When Gandys was first created the initial product, focus was on our unique range of flip flops. Since 2012 the brothers’ sole purpose was to create clothes with purpose and meaning, that is why they initially flew out to India to source ethical materials for their first flip flop design. The first material that was used was hemp which, although is an amazingly sustainable material, did not support the feet of our Gandys customers very well. We then decided to use recycled rubber that is ethically sourced. Bet your feet never felt so good!

At Gandys, we believe that what you wear matters and ever since the beginning, we’ve always put sustainability and ethical sourcing at the forefront of what we do. We’ve already achieved so much in making the world a better place: From a section of our profits going towards our Orphans For Orphans initiative, to the kids campus’ we’ve built across the world. However, we want to show this throughout all platforms of the brand, especially in the supply chain of our products.

As soon as we began designing our first product range we approached the key areas that we think are important in producing awesome travel gear: recyclability, second life and end of life. Our design process is meticulously followed throughout its processes so that when it comes to sampling it is at the highest standard possible. We don’t like going back and forth when we’re designing and creating a new product due to its damaging effects on the environment, so this stage of the process is vital for us to get everything correct.

At the initial design stage, we make sure that from previous experience, we have selected the correct fabrics, designed the most durable products for the particular season, and created an in-depth detailed tech pack so our suppliers will understand our vision correctly.

We like to help out other small businesses in the UK and use them within our manufacturing process. We have featured organic cotton in previous collections and are looking into exploring this section more in the future. We have also sourced our graphic t-shirts from a UK base supplier. The benefits? Due to us sourcing our signature tees from a UK supplier we have reduced our carbon footprint dramatically. Organic cotton is made sustainably and responsibly, so the planet feels just as good as you will wearing them. It is grown with minimal use of toxic chemicals, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for farmers and their families.

Scrap fabric is typically burned, which has disastrous carbon impact on the environment. That is why we recover and re-use all production scraps from our waxed cotton range, which is the majority of our products. The fabric from these scraps are then re-designed and turned into our wallets, purses and wash bags.

FSC – Forest Stewardship Council – promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests. They are also a global not-for-profit organisation that sets the standards for what is a responsibly managed forest, both environmentally and socially. For all our products we use recycled and FSC approved sourced materials for our swing tags, making them environmentally friendly and recyclable.

All our products are made for you to use them for as long as possible. We have always kept in mind how our pieces are not just a source of fashion. We wouldn’t describe Gandys as a fashion brand, but a travel and lifestyle one. We are not just a fashion brand, we pride ourselves on long-lasting desirable travel clothes that can be worn for years. We want to take care of your products and for you to explore the world hassle free! Our after-sale service will take care of your products, whether under warranty. Instead of replacing, we repair as often as possible. Let’s keep your Gandys products with you for a lifetime!

We never burn or incinerate our old stock. We send out old and excess stock including backpacks and flip flops to our kids’ campus’ and the local community around them. Our aim is to design and develop garments that are not part of fast fashion but staple clothing, long lasting excellent quality pieces. We design timeless pieces that will last a lifetime and in the unfortunate event of our products not being to the standard we strive for we welcome our customers to contact us for repairs.

If we are sourcing our designs from across the world, we always aim to ship our samples by sea and not by air due to CO2 emissions being much higher in air freight than ocean freight transport. Cargo shipping by air has a much larger carbon footprint than cargo shipping by sea. C02 emissions linked to this type of transportation can represent 50% of the total carbon impact of a product.

With all our innovative designs, finding the right manufacturer is key to ensuring they are achievable and, as the social element of our brand in fundamental, we take great efforts to make sure that the supply chain mirrors those values. All of our collections are designed in London and we source them all over the world including; India, Sri Lanka, China, Portugal, Turkey and the UK. We work very closely with our suppliers and our staff and the brothers visit the factories we work with. They only use factories that live up to their exacting standards, wherever they are in the world. Our aim is to work with suppliers that have the same ethos as we do; to make great clothes in a fair, equitable and environmentally conscious manner.

We also think carefully about our product price points, as it is important that manufacturers make enough margin to ensure all standards are met so workers have a comfortable working environment and salary to live and provide for their families. We spend a lot of time selecting factories that we trust. We have also established a code of regulations and a statement of best practice. It is important to us that every person working in the factory is of legal working age and is paid a decent wage for set hours in safe working conditions.

We have also ensured that every person working in the factory has been told about Gandys’ vision so the people making our products are aware, as this can create added job satisfaction for them too. Often, they have their own personal story so can relate to what we are doing. We want the consumers and the makers of Gandys alike to be aware of their own individual importance in helping children all over the world.