Buckingham Palace

Posted 9th October

>>A lookback to a key moment in their journey

Its not often that anyone can claim to have been invited to Buckingham Palace - except for The Forkan Brothers. Rob and Paul were requested to represent the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme, which acknowledges the most inspiring young people across the Common Wealth.

Rob and Paul were privileged to be chosen among 60 people to discuss Gandys with Their Royal Highnesses the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry and share their story with them. Among the other suited representatives, Rob and Paul arrived in their trademark style of flip flops and casual shorts - staying true to their colours even at Buckingham Palace!

Prince William had been a supporter of Gandys before he met the brothers and upon meeting them, jokingly asked if they were at Buckingham Palace to use his pool - and Prince Harry wittingly inquired if they were there for a barbecue. On this occasion we didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Kate Middleton, but we did pass on a pair of flip flops for her!

Here, The Duke and his brother, Prince Harry, were able to sympathise with their story and lauded Paul and Rob for finding the “silver lining” in their lives after losing their parents.

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