With the country in lockdown, travellers everywhere are dreaming of new places and experiences. At Gandys, we’ve been working hard to ease the boredom, with a range of isolation activities, all inspired by adventure. Now, we’re truly bringing the outside in, with the launch of our new ‘Flags Of The World’ collection.

The ‘Flags Of The World’ collection consists of 27 embroidered flag patches, designed to personalise our iconic Bali Backpacks and pay tribute to some of your favourite destinations. Take the time to reflect on past adventures with flags from the countries you’ve roamed, and look back on your top travel memories.

Add to your collection as you continue to make memories in new destinations. As the ultimate badge for travellers, our flag patches will celebrate every journey and spark conversation with other globetrotters about your worldwide experiences.

How does it work?

Select your flags - personal to you and your adventures.

Peel back the paper.

Using strong superglue glue, apply a thin layer to the underside of the flag.

Place the flag on your backpack, holding down for a few seconds to secure.

TIP: If you don’t have glue, you can stitch the flags to your backpack!

Finally, pack your bag, ready for your next adventure!


Not up for starting from scratch? Well, we can help you with that. Our Flags of the World Bali Backpacks are back in stock for just £84.99