Sri Lanka is and has always been an iconic place for Gandys, and an especially significant destination for the brother’s throughout the past couple years. We wanted to share with you a step-by-step guide into the ins and outs of Sri Lanka, through its beautiful landscapes, architectural structures, and to highlight the amazing community that lives within.

We wanted to collaborate with a company who represents travel, who’s ethics are in juxtaposition to ours, whilst having fun and being free spirited with the work that they create. Only one name sprung to mind: Kuoni Travel, a trendy travel company who design amazing travel itinerates that are out of this world! Kuoni, established in the UK in 1965 is the country’s leading long haul tour operator – a company that also cares for the world we live in.

We took them on an adventure of a lifetime, and showed them places within Sri Lanka that the brothers love to visit and that have a place in their hearts. We also showed them around our children’s campus, where they met the children and our child career Mamma Tina who educates children aged from 4 to 18. Kuoni designed an itinerary that would take people on a journey through a Gandys perspective. It takes clients from the country’s cultural triangle to the coastal city of Galle via the Hill Country and Yala National Park.

Although there were so many highlights to this trip, the boys had a few obvious favourites. Paul’s personal highlight was the village of Ella, known for its tea plantations due to its enchanting nature and magical atmosphere. It’s almost like and escapism, a step into another reality as the air is so clean and the trees are an interchanging golden-green. It really grounds you and makes you feel lethargic and calm.

Rob’s personal favourite moment of the trip was visiting Sigira Rock due to the magnitude and size, it’s almost overwhelming in a positive way. And when you get to the top, you’re met with a view that is one in a million; the treetops, the stunning greenery, and a peaceful atmosphere. Rob also loved going back and visiting the children’s campus that him and Paul set up. It’s great for them to see how the children are getting on and how everything is running, but the most rewarding thing for them to witness was how happy the children are and how well they were doing.

We loved our trip with Kuoni and would like to thank everyone who joined us on this amazing trip, and to everyone who made their personal donations – especially Kuoni – to make this trip happen. It was great to invite people into the world of Gandys and in the future would love to share this experience with more people across the world.