A few years back now when I had the idea for Gandys, I asked my brother to move back from Melbourne a place he fell in love with it. Luckily he was as passionate as me to build a childrens home in Sri Lanka in memory of our parents all from starting brand which started with just flip flops. Most boys are fans of F1 & it was something we always watched with our dad over the years as he was a massive fan too. In the time Paul was living in Oz he went to the Melbourne race & loved it!So when I flew over to surprise him for his birthday one year to tell him about Gandys he was little bit unsure whether to leave!

His boss at the time joked that flip flops in the UK would never work & he'd be back soon enough, he also said if Paul stayed he would take him to the Formula 1. Paul decided to give up the place that made him happiest since the Tsunami to come and build Gandys and for the first few years it was so tough & he often questioned if we would get it off the ground and as anyone does doubt why he gave Melbourne up.

6 years later we are going back for the first time together since I persuaded him to come home and start helping me build childrens homes as a legacy to our parents.Funny how things go full circle though! It just shows you why you should never be scared to chase a dream no matter how big it is as it may just come true.

Mclaren the most iconic British supercar and F1 team said their new HALO safety feature resembles a flip flop & thought who better to take up the space at the front of the car than Gandys. As they love what we are building too as brand and think that our work in terms of building homes deserves to be shown to the World. They are giving us this support so that 100% of the proceeds from a Limited Edition flip flop for the opening race back in Melbourne can go towards helping build more childrens homes. With the new Halo feature providing a safe shelter for drivers and the Gandys foundation providing safe shelter for children.

Big thanks Mclaren & thank you to all of those that support us as this wouldn't have happened with out you.
Gandys are going down under!

Rob & Paul