We are so excited to announce the opening of our new store in Soho. With the help of our brilliant team we created another Gandys store. Here at Gandys we are all about rolling up our sleeves and taking on the job at hand and for our new store manager Luke this was a real experience, after years of working in retail he was given the opportunity to put his own stamp on this store whilst working alongside the brothers. The store is now a brilliant community space in which travellers alike can come and share fantastic stories and pick up your Gandys jumper or shirt for your next trip away.

The team took the challenge on brilliantly and created a space with our Gandys aesthetic with a few new unique pieces such as our bike table showing casing some of our lovely new winter accessories. This is our fourth store to open and we are thankful to our customers for making thi possible. We have come a long way from selling flip flops in our bedroom in Brixton and we couldn’t have done it without you.

We like to personalise each of our stores and we couldn’t be happier than to have the Gandys name in such an iconic location. Soho is such a unique, exciting place, that is full of eccentricities and we could be mor thrilled to be part of such a vibrant atmosphere. We are so proud of our own unique heritage and we couldn’t think of better place than Soho for our new store.

We are also proud of our store’s heritage. The store has taken the place of th iconic Wardour News, home of largest collection of fashion magazines. After it closure there were lots of tributes made by the fashion world referring to it as the “mecca for thousands of design, art and fashion fans.” We want to keep the tradition alive at Gandys. We have beautifully designed clothes that will inspire, and our timeless, classic collections will keep fashion lovers happy. We see our stores as galleries, they are physical spaces that display wearable art inspired by travel. We want to keep the store linked to its roots and we are so proud to be flying the flag of fashion in a family run business that will allow people to come give travel tips, share their stories and be inspired by likeminded people.

Wardour News was also started by two brothers Raj Patel and S.M Patel and family is something that is important to us. This is seen not only through us, two brothers working together, but also through our support of other families working together. This season we have collaborated with two brothers from Nepal Biju and Binod who handmade our gorgeous Himalayan Jumpers.

Our stores are the front line for our #Don’t Just Exist Movement and Soho couldn’t represent this mantra more! With so much to do and see Soho couldn’t be better place for us to be!

So next time you’re in Soho come in and say hi and start your next adventure with Gandys. Click here to find our Soho store!