A message to our travel community:

We know adventure is important to you. As is positivity, at a time such as this. We were brought up exploring the world and learning new things, outside of our four walls. Travel has allowed us to connect with so many cultures and experience an array of lifestyles, landscapes and customs. To do our bit to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this is something we’re all having to sacrifice for the time being.

With travel out of the question, we’re launching a new initiative to keep spirits high within the travel community. So JOIN US (virtually) on:

The Great Gandys Staycation

We’re bringing adventurers and explorers together (online!) to get creative, and show us how they’re bringing the outdoors IN, during their #staycation. You can still experience the world from your own home…. And we’d love to see how you’re doing it!

For our #staycation, we’ll also be sharing our past travel stories and future dreams, and we encourage you to get involved.

So, here's our simple manifesto:

1. Stay at home

If we all work together and stay indoors than we can hopefully shorten the length of time spent in lockdown and prevent the spread of infection.

2. Stay active

It is important for your mental health to stay active! We will be giving you tips and content on how you can get that hiking fitness fix without going any further than your back garden.

3. Stay connected

We all need each other more than ever before. The benefit of social media is that we can interact with each other instantly, and that's what we want to do with you guys! We love reading your comments and thoughts and future travel aspirations.

4. Stay inspired

There's inspiration to be found around us every day. Whether it's seeing the beauty of nature in your back garden or discovering new places through travel blog posts, documentaries or books, there is always something that can help you get out of bed in the morning. We're going to be releasing regular content that will inspire you and the rest of the travel community, with a few guest appearances along the way.

So sit back, relax and let's get through this together. The staycation has begun

#staycation #gandys #dontjustexist

If there's one thing we've learned, it's that life is unpredictable. We will all be faced with challenges at one time or another.

When we lost our parents to the tsunami in 2004, everything stopped. We had gone from living freely on the adventure of a lifetime to losing everything we had. We returned to the UK with nothing, where we would find that life as we knew it had changed forever.

Recently, we’ve been working hard to bring the outside in. When we’re unable to get out and about, books and travel documentaries are a great way to bring travel to our front rooms. But, for something more interactive, board games offer a brilliant way to keep the mind active and maintain that sense of adventure. They remind us of time spent as a family, travelling the world and passing time with a good board game.

In the past, we tried to hide.

This is a picture we have never revealed before but as everyone is confined to isolation at the moment, we thought you might take something from our story of the six of us living in a 25ft trailer...

Ligia Murphy, known as @Locombia describes herself as a weekend adventurer - a graphic designer, with a love of all things travel and outdoors. For us, she's a brilliant example of our 'Don't Just Exist' ethos. Amongst fashion and fitness, Locombia makes the most of each day by getting out and seeing the world in true Gandys style.

We interviewed her on all things adventure, mindset, and the difficulties the present day brings for travellers and adventurers alike.

Although we cannot currently travel, we can continue to be inspired by the world around us. If like us, you have drawers full of old photographs and memories you have yet to record, this is a low-cost activity that can put a smile on your face.

Discover how you can create your own travel scrapbook from the comfort of your home.

Travelling has expanded our minds and given us experiences like no other. We’ve had a little more time on our hands than we are used to and we’re determined to use the time to carry on learning. And what better way to do so, than with an award-winning travel book.

Take your mind on a journey with our staff’s top five travel book recommendations.

Former elite cyclist with two victories at the Le Mans 24 hour cycle, Steven Lehyaric lives and breathes adventure and exploration like no one we’ve met before. For him, “adventure is not a job, but a vocation of life”.

Read more about Steven's adventures, his mindset, and the difficulties the present day brings for travellers and adventurers alike.

it’s not always possible to travel. It’s at times like this when travel documentaries are key to satisfying our curiosity. They can bring a whole new world to your screen, showcasing everything from the food of the world and unseen cultures, to natural phenomenons and wildlife.

If you find yourself unable to travel, we’ve got you covered. Here are our Top five Binge-Worthy Travel shows.

Of late, we’ve had a little more time to take a step back to look at where we are, and what we’ve achieved. We’re proud of how Gandys has grown over the years, and it’s forever rewarding to see the positive impact we’re continuing to make on the lives of children much less fortunate than ourselves.

Did you vote for this man? Just now, does it really matter?

You may not have voted for our current leader, but just like the workplace, you often don't get a say on who your boss is! And sometimes, particularly in this current crisis, that’s not what’s most important. As leaders, we always perform at our best when our Gandys employees rally together, taking the much needed pressure off us when we’re dealing with very difficult matters.