The Lares collection is named after the cultural trek which wanders deep into the sacred mountains of Peru. This trek intertwines with the traditional Peruvian weaving culture of the area, where many of the local weavers and farmers can be seen wearing these beautifully abstract textiles. We took inspiration from this and replicated the handmade textile fabric into the design of the new collection, making the bags look unique but stylish.

Another inspiration for this collection is not just the history of Machu Picchu and Peru, but you guys. Over the years we have seen you guys explore amazing places with your Gandys, but the most epic pictures we’ve seen have been you exploring the Machu Picchu trails. You guys don’t just exist, you all get out there and adventure all over the world, so we wanted to create a collection that's dedicated to you.

This collection features a regular Bali Backpack, Baby Bali Backpack, Bum Bag and Flight Bag, so there’s loads of options to choose from.