Everyone’s favourite collection is back!

The Lares Collection was one of our fastest selling ever, and due to incredible customer demand, we knew we had to bring it back.

The Lares Collection is named after the cultural trek which wanders deep into the sacred mountains of Peru. This trek intertwines with the traditional Peruvian weaving culture of the area, where many of the local weavers and farmers can be seen wearing these beautifully abstract textiles. We took inspiration from this and replicated the handmade textile fabric into the design of the collection, making the bags both unique but stylish.This collection features a regular Bali Backpack, Bum Bag, Flight Bag and the latest edition to the Gandys waxed bag family - The Trail Backpack.

Weaving was the means by which people communicated their thoughts and feelings about the natural world, how stories were told, and histories recorded! We knew these bright and beautiful textiles were a perfect fit for our brand as we love to tell stories through all our travels all around the world . Many of our brand ambassadors have taken their Gandys gear to Peru and in particular Machu Picchu, so this collection is dedicated to you, our loyal customers.