Inspired by the majestic beauty of the tiger, we have developed the Gandys ‘Tracker’ range, a subtle nod to this adventurous hobby. Featuring our new map print lining colourway along with a high-quality subtle animal print waxed canvas, the Tracker range is sure to cover many of your travel needs.

Featuring our newly developed travel purse for valuable essentials, our new heritage crossbody bag finished with traditional stitching details and a larger cotton tote bag for when you have that little bit more to take along.

During these uncertain times, we wanted to create a collection that unified people and brought them together. Tigers come in packs - or an ambush to use the technical term - and they never leave one another when faced with danger. By incorporating tiger stripe-inspired fabric into the collection, we hope this range empowers you, reminding you that although times are tough, we are all in this together.

This collection features a regular Bali Backpack, Bum Bag, Flight Bag, and new products including a Tote Bag and Travel Wallet, so there are loads of options to choose from.