Climate change has become the central talking point across the world for the past couple of years and, although we can’t physically see it, climate change is real and it’s coming quicker than you think. If you’re a keen explorer and active adventurer like us, then you’ll be aware about the negative impacts that tourism can have on the environment, with 5% of green gas house gas emissions being contributed by tourism. However, it is an issue that can be resolved. There are lots of actionable steps you can take to save the planet from an ever-changing climate. Here are 5 travel tips to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’re travelling to a small city for a long weekend, why not explore in style. Hire a bike or simply walk around and take in the architectural culture of the city, you’ll feel more in touch with its history and feel like you’ve achieved something as well! If you are exploring a small city such as Barcelona or Copenhagen, try to avoid driving or getting the train around, there really is no point! Traditional cars put out a lot of exhaust, which pollutes the air. The toxins emitted by vehicles are also very dangerous to human health, considering the tailpipes are at street level where we can breathe the air directly into our lungs.

You can apply this principle when you get back home! Try to walk to work or cycle, you’ll feel fitter and better about the small change you are making in the world! If you can’t bike or walk to work take public transport, it puts less cars on the road, which reduces the amount of exhaust filling the air at once.

We know that this can be difficult, and sometimes not achievable if you travelling to the other side of the world, but it would be great if you could consider travelling by train within Europe. Not only do you help reduce your carbon footprint, it’s a much more scenic way of travelling. Instead of looking out your aeroplane window to look into a canvas of white clouds, you get to see the passing of different scenes that are associated with the countries your about to explore! It also works out cheaper too so there’s no excuses.

For the backpackers of the world, this one’s for you! How many times have you been backpacking across the world and used plastic bags to carry your day-to-day essentials? Plastic bags don’t biodegrade, they photodegrade – breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic bits. A plastic bag can take between 400 to 1,000 years to break down in the environment. If you think about it, the plastic bags you’re currentl suing will living many more years longer than you! This is one of the biggest contributions to climate change but can be resolved so easily. Instead, use a cotton tote bag to carry all your essential needs whilst travelling, and make sure you invest in a high-quality, well designed travel backpack so you won’t need to buy a new on for years.

Simple but effective. Don’t buy a new bottle of water every day. Invest into buying a reusable water bottle that you can take on your travels and fill up any time. Water is water, there’s no difference between bottled and tap: we like to say that we are drinking natures purest water, count yourself lucky!

We know everyone loves a fresh outfit change and knew look every day whilst on holiday but try to limit yourself to two to three pairs maximin when you go on holiday. Why? Firstly, it will free up some room in your suitcase/backpack and make it much lighter. Secondly, you’re more prone to lose your clothes whilst travelling, which causes a negative impact on the environment. The majority of textile waste heads to our landfills where they release greenhouse gases and leach toxins and dyes into the surrounding soil and water. If you’ve decided to leave home and go travelling for a couple years, don’t throw the clothes you don’t need away. Either donate to charity or recycle your clothes, it really will make the difference!

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