When it comes to Valentine’s Day, whether you’re spending it with your partner, family or friends, it is a time that is anticipated by many. Valentine’s Day is a time celebrating the love you have for anyone and everyone, although, we don’t think sharing the love should be restricted to one day a year!

Everyone will know the generic slogan “couples who travel together stay together”. We throw this around in conversation and it can be interpreted in many ways. Although some people say it’s cheesy, we think that it is true! Especially in today’s society which is filled with more people wanting to travel. Travelling solo is always a good way to get yourself out there and meet new people but travelling with a partner creates new shared memories worth reminiscing about!

Deciding to travel with your partner is also a ‘make or break’ moment however! People always talk about how travelling can bring couples closer together or completely destroy their relationship. Obviously, we think travelling brings couples together and the majority of other travellers would agree so too. The same works for families: Families who take regular family vacations tend to be closer, happier, and stronger. It is an extremely fun but also healthy thing to do.

There are so many reasons as to why couples decided to travel together and why it is such an important part of a relationship. We’ve narrowed down a few reasons why couples, and families, should explore the world together:

Travelling as a couple can reveal all the best things about your partner, but also can show you a different side to them (perhaps even their worst!) Anything can happen whilst you’re travelling , there will be plenty of unexpected events and you will experience highs and lows, as a direct result your partner will get to see the real you when it comes to dealing with situations you might not be used to. Seeing your partner at his or her worst and still loving them is the ultimate testament of love and the ultimate test in a relationship. Ultimately, if you can deal with these situations and still love each other, you’re going to be much stronger when it comes to any obstacles at home!

You’ll experience new things whilst travelling; new cultures, cuisines, people, and experiences. Being able to experience this journey with your partner or with your family will bring you closer together and create a new, unique bond that you won’t experience with anyone else. So, let your hair down and simply enjoy the beauty of experiencing a new culture and place together, what better than having fun whilst travelling the world with your best friend!

When in a relationship at home, a common thing that happens is that people’s lifestyles change, whether your partners started a new job, a family tragedy has happened, or you are maybe in a long-distance relationship- there can be many factors can stunt the growth of a relationship, forcing you apart, some might say. The most important thing is to grow together rather than away from each other. Travelling is a catalyst for mutual growth that helps a couple bond. It is also a time where couples live the most romantic part of their relationship. It goes beyond what you watch in films or read in books, travelling with your partner brings out the spontaneity in you both and a state of mind that could be led anywhere, and something that could spark another moment of beauty. Life’s not about the material things its about the experiences- so get out there, see the world and make some memories with the people you love!

Take a second and think back to when your happiest memory was. Most people would say that it was a time when they were on holiday with relatives, friends or with their partner. Whether it was a family holiday to Disneyland Orlando or an icy adventure to see the Northern Lights in Iceland with your partner, having those memories to share will enable your relationship to flourish to its full potential. You will always be able to laugh and look back at the amazing memories and experiences you had together whilst travelling.

Experiencing something new together is also the best way to grow as a couple. The unforgettable treasure engraved in your hearts and minds when experiencing something together can be everlasting. New experiences create memories that will be forever unique to your relationship.

Having something new and fresh around every corner of your travels will make you experience together something nothing short of magical. Any time arelationship becomes slightly stagnant there’s the possibility it can become monotonous. Rather than allowing your relationship to become dull, constantly sharpen it and keep that spark alive. Travel is one of the best ways to make sure you never lose the spark.

Whilst other couples who don’t travel together worry about the future, and build their relationship with doubts, couples who travel together are not worried about what is going to happen next because they are consumed and captured by the intensity of the wonderful moments they are experiencing with each other. Travelling doesn’t give you the opportunity to over analyse the situation and be critical but instead, will make you appreciate the present moment. Knowing what is important in life and honouring that as an individual will help when it comes to building a successful relationship. Travellers are generically quite good about living in the present moment. It is incredibly powerful to be able to live in the now and not just exist whilst being truly content anywhere.